[SOLVED] Master Snapshots not on jitpack

So, I noticed that the snapshots for master are still broken on jitpack:

Just as a note, -SNAPSHOT without the master also does not work, but it does have a build log…

It looks like I am getting a read timeout for all jme packages on jitpack…



That works just fine, I can go all the way to https://jitpack.io/#jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine

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It looks like everything is working today. Yesterday jitpack worked except for downloading jme jar files. Today it looks like it is working. It still is acting odd though. It downloads the jme 3.1.0-beta jars at the same time as the 3.4.0-snapshot jars. It still only includes the 3.4.0-snapshot jars in the build so I guess it is fine.