[SOLVED] Minie doesn't work with Native Launchers

Looking for @sgold or someone pro at using Minie.
Earlier today I was doing some testing with Horsepower Racing and I built it and produced Native Launchers.
And when I opened the .JAR file, everything ran as expected; but when I tried to run the .EXE file, when the physics was initialized, Minie threw this error:
When I ran this with jBullet, both .JAR and Natives ran fine, I haven’t yet tested with native Bullet.
I’m curious if this is something I’m doing wrong and there is a way to fix this, or if this a bug to be reported.

Probably the exception has important information as to why but I guess the exe launcher is swallowing command console output?

May need to configure logging to log to a file so that you can see it.

What tool did you use to produce the Native Launcher?

If you used the Desktop Deployment feature of the JMonkeyEngine SDK, then perhaps you hit this issue.

Yes, I used SDK desktop deployment.
I’ll read up on the issue

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So I did what you did and put two Minie libs in same project, and just like what happened to you, the Deployment feature excluded one of them.
But now I’ve got the Natives working, which is all that matters, but still that’s kinda odd what happened. I did read why that happened though, is that a bug or just a poorly documented feature?

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