[Solved] Missing com.jme3.network in latest updates


I have updated to the latest updates in the platform. The jMonkeyEngine3.jar provided is missing the classes in com.jme3.network (not the sub package, just the classes in this one like Network for example). It’s easy to fix ; just replace the jar with one downloaded from the nightly build. I just wanted to tell about it for future releases.

I dont have this issue. If you encounter more problems with updating try deleting the settings and reinstalling the SDK. Also make use all browsers are closed that have accessed the internal javadoc while updating.

I’ve just reinstalled everything from scratach and get the same behaviour. I may have done something wrong. Don’t know.

Or perhaps, the class I use are fairly new (last revision of SpiderMonkey, classes like com.jme3.network.Network) and not yet included in the main stream releases.

Anyway thousands of thanks for this great engine, my game is progressing very fast (game logic and networking nearly finished, i will start graphics and ui after).

Alright. I guess you didn’t update to nightly because you didn’t read the manual…