[SOLVED] Model Blender Modifiers doesn't work


I made a 3d model with blender, but It doesn’t work like I want it too…
For the jacket of my character I used some modifiers like: mirror, armature, solidify, …
(Jacket is the only thing I used modifiers for)
So the modifiers doesn’t load in.

I work with Intellij Idea. So I export my blender projects in gltf & put them in my assets file.
The code I use to make the model appear is:

        Spatial mymodel = assetManager.loadModel("Textures/Characters/person.gltf");

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

Did you click “apply modifiers” on the blender gltf exporter?


Thanks! That did it!

Only another problem appeared. Some parts of his body are black.

Fixed it, in the material of the object that appears black, you have to change the emmision color.

Solved :slight_smile:

wrong way.

you should just add Light. thats all.

emission = internal light(so it fake real external light for you now)

Black = no light.

Light is not exported from Blender as i remember.

It is also possible that this “parts” that are Black have different material that do not receive light(like light probe - metallness 1, when no probe = black)

Also if its PBR, you need Light Probe as light source. (and as i see it is PBR since its gltf, so you need it)

PBR will work with only directional light and no light probe… it’s just that all of the ambient light will be black and things will look ugly.

…but it does ‘work’.

i think you missed OP second reply:

Only another problem appeared. Some parts of his body are black.

so its not same issue as in first topic, its about “black parts”, where DL will work, but metalness 1 will still cause black parts.

I thought metalness would have to be 1 for it to not show up at all under directional light or something. Otherwise you will see some color.

But anyway, a probe will be needed regardless.

There are a bunch of premade probes here that I use all the time:

Thumbnails to go with them:

I think some of these may already be available in JME data somewhere.

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out of topic,

assuming im using envmap where i use DL direction from “envmap sun direction”

using it for Shadows, but should i add it along with probe with some low color value, or is it more proper to just skip DL when there is probe?