[SOLVED] Model with multple meshes

I have a model that was created in blender that has two objects (dont’ if term is correct) that is to complete different meshes that are export out.
It is a flower, it has a “stem” mesh and a “bud” mesh.

In my own engine, I would load them and it would create a model that contains 2 meshes, I then would grab the “bud” mesh and alter the Color to be a different color flower bud using the same model.

The DiffuseMap for the model only had colors of white for the bud, light and darker whites. This way I could apply a red “Color” to the mesh and it would draw it Red.

Model I’m using is here.

How do you do this in JME. When the model is loaded, it is loaded into one mesh. I hope there is a way, I assume you would have to split the mesh into different models to end up with this experience.
Just assuming, not enough knowledge of JME to create this.

Got it, if I export to a GlTF meshes, then I see three children for each of the meshes and then I can get the bud’s and alter the color.

To fast.

The jme obj importer doesnt recognize the “o” statement thus it can only load one object per file as per my understanding