[SOLVED] Need help with TriPlanar texturing on a box


Also, should we call clearCollisionData after resizing MBox?

Probably after this line?


Yeah, probably. No harm clearing it, I guess.


@pspeed, I made a new PR for this:

It is already tested.


Someday, someone should fix JME serialization to work with protected/private constructors. Of course, that probably requires special dispensation in Java 11… but so be it.


Should I fill an issue for this on JME GitHub page?


I don’t know… wouldn’t hurt to keep track of it, I guess.


As long as the module definition allows for reflection access, it should not be an issue.


I guess Paul means that it is ugly to impose a public NO-Arg Constructor just for sake of serialization. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm… I see what you are saying. I have done it in the past, I will check how I did it.


You just have to use reflection to grab the no-arg constructor and make setAccessible(true) or whatever.

…which just requires special permissions in newer Java, I guess.


I made a new thread for it. We can continue the discussion about it there: