[solved]Ogre xml

Hi guys,

i want to install ogre exporter for Blender, but it just doesnt work.

I have got Blender 2.69. I installed the Blender, went to the jme where i selected tools - ogre xml - install. This only added file to the script file called " io_export_ogreDotScene ". In Blender user preferences nothing changed. So i tried this (hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/installing-blender-ogrexml/) . Didint work either.

At the end i downloaded BlenderExport.zip, added to addons file…but also, no change…

Is there anything i am missing?

So, for the future guys, who will have the same problem and no luck with answers from community like me…

  1. download blender2ogre
  2. start blender - file - user preferences
  3. instal from file - set the zip blender2ogre …

and thats it, just check the plugin and its done :slight_smile: