[Solved] OgreXML smoothed model after import


I imported two meshes from the same blender file, through the OgreXML plugin. I assigned the same material to both but I see a different rendering. One looks smoothed out:

and the other have some sort of shininess, the hedges are rougher:

I’ve looked and compared both xml files, or the options of the ogreXML (I’m pretty sure I exported both the same way) and I can’t figure out what is the difference. I didn’t create the mesh myself in blender so I don’t discard there’s a difference in blender but it should be visible in the xml file

Any chance someone would know?

Testing the export of the weird tree as a .obj, it is just like the other one (not smoothed) which is generally how I would expect a model to look like

So there must be something related to the ogrexml I’m unable to see …

I looked again at the xmls, I see both tree have around 1000 faces (1029 vs 1034) but the one that doesn’t work has much less vertices in the “SharedMesh” section

Non-smoothed tree

vs the smoothed one is like this

Also, I tried exporting both trees at the same time to ogrexml (as a scene), and I see that the issue is still there (I have a scene with the two trees)

Any idea on what else to check?


there is smooth / flat shading button in blender that sets this parameter! (left pane / Tools / Edit)

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Yep, normals are part of a mesh data. In blender you can have blender calculate normals interpolated (smooth) or constant (flat). The normals are used in the lighting calculation in the standard shader.