[SOLVED] Old Film filter is available

Hi! Simple question: is it still possible to use filters from ShaderBlow project? For example OldFilm filter

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While back I ran them with jme 3.1 (with this PR applied locally) and they were running fine I think.

yep, they mostly work fine with some tweaks here and there

Thx for reply! Unfortunately this project nor maven, nor gradle, so i have to use source code and assets directly. Not cool, but i’ll have to try.

Here and there souns fuzzy u know :slight_smile:. Can i ask why this cool feature’s project is not included in jme? I mean some filters r available from jme-effects dependency, but others just not. The reason is just “we forget” or “this shaders and effects r useless”? Just a question, no offence :innocent:

Oh, looks like porting to maven was pretty easy, so now i can just use it in my projects. Thx for help, guys!

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I think it comes down to maintenance. The core devs have a huge amount of work as it is, without including more projects that they will have to maintain when the original authors have moved on - which is often the case. Since these are pretty project specific it’s beneficial to let those who need them do any necessary work.

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correct. And while these are great features, the engine core currently has too many. Cutting down the core and moving non essentials to plugins or additions is the path forward.

Also it was not made by the core team, and is just fine as an addition to the engine.