[SOLVED]Ploblem with animated model

Hi, I have a problem with an Animated Model in JME, I make a simple model, with the lateral vertexs translated to the sides, something like a space ship, then I add a bone armature and make the animation to pivot this ship to the left, I load it in JME without problem and can play the animation, but the the pivot is over the X axis, it must be in the Z axis, instead of leaning to the left, it move up the front of space ship. Some idea why when I play an animation in JME it not work in the same way that work in Blender?



Some information about this

In Blender







I think (don’t have blender on this computer) that Blender uses Z as up and jME uses Y as up. So when you say “but the the pivot is over the X axis” what reference do you use, Blender or jME? I think the Ogre exporter offers to switch axis but maybe you are loading the .blend file directly?

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It was the problema, in the OgreExporter “swap axis” = xz-y, I change it to xyz and the model and the animation work fine in JME.

Thanks you bud.