[solved] Problem when try to load textures on spatial

Hi everone! I’m a beginner in JME3. My cousin and I decided to make something in 3D :slight_smile: But we have a problem on the beginning. We decided that we will load model into JME (we are working in Eclipse) by using Blender and plugin for it: OrgeXML. We have few models, then we exported it to OrgeXML format (we got some files: .mesh.xml, .scene, .materials and textures in jpg/png). After that we tried to load model into JME3. But we didn’t know how to set material. We are using asset manager to load model to spatial (load mesh.xml file). But we have no idea how to load .material file which we got after blender exporting.

In tutorial on this site is example with ninja (maybe you remember it). In this example we are loading it through assets manager (mesh.xml file) and this works correct without any materials.

Anybody know how to load object with texture in JME3? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This is covered in the assets, materials, etc tutorials…or if you used the SDK instead of eclipse you would be able to do create materials etc graphically.

Thanks for reply.

Ok, if I won’t find a solution in Eclipse I’m going to install JME3 SDK and try to do something in this enviroment. But first, I wanna do this in Eclipse. Could you give me some links to samples assets or materials tutorials?

right there

Ok thanks! The problem is solved, Please close the topic.

Just use the edit topic button at the top and put [solved] or similar at the start of the title.