[SOLVED] Problem with 7 tutorial (Hello Animation)

I beginner jme user and im going through tutorial 7. I download all the Oto samples(Oto.j3m, Oto.jpg, Oto.material.MATERIAL, Oto.mesh.xml, Oto.skeleton.xm and OtoOldAnim.j3ol) and when i try to addListaner for AnimControl throw NullPointerException, how do I fix this problem?

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Would you mind posting your code?

The HelloAnimation tutorial in the Wiki is a few years out of date.

Try using the code in the jme3-examples project instead:

jmonkeyengine/jme3-examples/src/main/java/jme3test/helloworld/HelloAnimation.java at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

Everything works now, thank you

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Is there an explanation of the code in examples somewhere?