[SOLVED] Question how to set textures up in blender to be exported

Hi I am helping a friend with making a java game but are stuck on the part of making the materials in blender. The documentation does not match any version of blender that I can find and are having trouble making the materials because nothing matches up at all.

This is what I am trying to follow and the option to make the diffuse,normal and specular map is not there nor able to be created for the individual texture.

Is someone able to take a screenshot of how it is to be done in blender or a small video showing what to do to help out as I am very stuck as if I can not get the texture part down I am not sure what to do with assets anymore.

Thank you

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If you already have all the necessary textures in blender, open the shader node editor and construct something like this:

Export with gltf 2.0 (File → Export → gltf 2.0). Make sure to export in gltf format and not glb, because JME has much better support for gltf (this setting will be in the gltf 2.0 export dialog). Also make sure materials are enabled for export (also in the gltf 2.0 export dialog).


Thank you for that. Have managed to get the models imported and working correctly.