[SOLVED] Remove image from GUI on keypress

So, i am making a fps and i made a gun by sticking a png of it to the gui. The thing is, I want to make a muzzle flash png on keypress and make it go away after half a second. I couldn’t do this on my own. Anyone who can help me on the way?

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What part are you having trouble with? What have you tried? Have you gone through the hello tutorials?


I’ve looked through the hello tutorials, the thing is I cant get the image to dissapear.

The same way you attached to picture there is a method to remove it.

ahh, thanks I did not know the command to, but i found it:

case closed

Two approaches to continuing:

  1. learn the SDK key for bringing up the javadoc help
  2. Open the JME javadoc in a browser window. Don’t close it again until you’ve decided you don’t want to develop in JME anymore.