[SOLVED] Rotating Transparent Spatials disappearing

Hello, im total newb and do try to learn using jm3 by exploring wiki and reading forum
but actually i am stuck and can’t find solution yet

My current basic test is rendering a planet, i did import a model without mats and applying material with jmonkeyengine, using lightning material, added lights.
It did look ugly so i wanted to enhance the aspect, did import 2 more of same model, made one bigger for clouds, and 2nd more bigger for atmosphere, both on transparent blendmode, both using unshaded material.
So it’s 3 spheres at same position, and was happy with result, so i wanted to rotate those stuff, the planet slowy and clouds slighly faster.

But when rotating them, new problems started, planet and clouds spatials just disappear, and blinking sometimes.
I tried to put clouds and atmo into translucent, planet came back but clouds still out.
Did try to modify lights, useless.
Did set planet on unshaded material, didn’t help.
When i move flycam on Top it is working correctly, but in front of the planet, clouds doesn’t show. (Without rotations it shows perfectly from any angle and any distance.)
I also tried using setDepthWrite(false), clouds came back but showing like atmo layer doesn’t exist, so it is not correct (and atmo color effect does blink on clouds sometimes)

That’s all so far, any suggests ?

Ok, not 100% sure yet but it look like 2 more tries was enough to find a solution
I made the atmo rotating too at same speed as clouds, wasn’t required to rotate atmosphere since it change visually nothing but well… it seems to resolve the issue.

But still have no idea why it was making clouds disappearing

Please read this.

Transparency is not as straight forward as one may think, you’ll probably understand better what’s happening after reading it

Hi nehon, thank you ! i will read this carefully