[Solved] Scene Composer question

How do you delete models from a scene in scene composer?

The only thing i have read is “delete the models node”.

I have no clue how to do this.


on SceneComposer window on the left side(should be there, not main window, a tab window) while you edit model(j3o model/scene).

then just 2 click on Spatial and remove.

look at 3:00 here


i mean this wondow where cursor is

or here:


before you ask… just serach.

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i did search but anyway thanks for helping.

could you tell me how do you enable the scene explorer window?

I dont have most of the windows that these videos have.

SDK → Window(on top panel) → SceneExplorer

but i dont know why it dont open automaticly for you.

sorted, many thanks