[SOLVED] SDK 3.1 fails to install on Mac

I just downloaded the SDK 3.1 alpha for Mac as a .dmg. When I try to open the “jMonkeyEngine SDK Installer.app” nothing happens, i.e. no error message and no install. Any ideas?

Mac OS X 10.6.8, Java version 1.6.0_65

Side Note: your System is pretty outdated, even I am running 10.9.5, 10.11? Is currently out.

It could be that the installer is targeted for 10.9 only or something.

You can however build it from Source (once you have the Code, use. /Gradlew build on the commandline. Then netbeans/bin/netbeans and build the sdk from there.

Yes, the system is as outdated as the wallet is empty. I don’t even dare to touch the system on this old MBP.

Well, I’ll consider building it or I’ll probably stay with 3.0 then…

Try to build it, it’s basically pretty easy.
But don’t take my word that your system version is the issue, I didn’t make the installer.
However I know there were some changes to the “mac deployment” inside of the sdk (for your games), so it could be that those were applied to the sdk itself aswell.

Actually, I think you’re right as I seem to be the only person with that problem so far and a lot of people have updated to 3.1 already. And if building it is that easy, it’s worth a try in a quiet evening. Unless somebody comes up with a different idea (?)

Thank you!

how do you build it please

Are you unable to use the 3.1 installer on an old Mac?

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When I try to ./gradlew run the error log here I wonder if there is something i can change on the gradle to fix it

You use java 9 which changed its versionary Scheme (from 1.8.x to 9.x.x)

There is not much to do, maybe find a way to run gradle with java 8.

Apart from that, I can try to upgrade the gradle version but I dont know if it works with java 9 already

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I managed to remove the java 9 with the help from here and I reinstalled SDK 3.1 Successfully, thanks again for the note.

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