[Solved] SDK 3.6.1 not letting me move highlighted text in code editor

Since downloading the 2 latest (3.6.0-stable and 3.6.1-stable) versions of the SDK, I am no longer able to move highlighted code by holding left click and dragging it. (I’m not sure what to call this functionality, and as a result I haven’t had any lucky googling this problem despite trying to find a fix for almost a month now)

I thought it was just a setting in netbeans that I need to switch since downloading the new SDK version (as there are also a few other settings I’ve had to change upon downloading new SDK versions), but I can’t seem to find anything in the settings to change this.

Does anyone know how to re-enable this functionality in the newest version of the SDK?

Edit: just noticed there was a new sdk release shortly before I made this post. So I upgraded to SDK 3.6.1-stable but still have the problem


This is an interesting one :smiley: I could not also do this with the latest SDK. Although it never bothered me since I just tend to do this accidentally in IDEs. I could not find a bug report either on this on Netbeans. And if you claim is right, this happens with NB 17 & 18 then.

I’m also a bit curious that could this be Java 11 → 17 update. This should be easy to test. Either way I can try to report this to Netbeans once I test this.

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By the gods! It works with JDK 11. This is a weird one. I’ll report it to Netbeans. I guess it is not a JDK bug, sounds too weird to be.

Edit: it does work with vanilla… needs more investigating…


Alrighty… It is SDK bug with JDK 17. You can fix this manually locally and we will fix it to the SDK so that it will work out of the box in the future releases.

To fix it manually:

  • Find (SDK INSTALLATION)\etc\jmonkeyplatform.conf
  • To default_options, add -J--add-opens=java.desktop/javax.swing.plaf.basic=ALL-UNNAMED

I did as you suggested and its working again now. Thanks! I appreciate your help finding a solution so fast!