[SOLVED] SDK crashes while doing nothing

Hello, for several weeks I have the problem that the SDK crashes without any warning or error message. The SDK just isn’t running anymore. It happens even when I’m doing nothing at all. It happens between approx 3 Minutes after starting to some hours running. Sometimes only 5 times a day. Sometimes 20 times a day. Is there any logfile or so where i can have a look at to find out what the problem is? Is the SDK writing any informaation that could be helpful into the event viewer of windows ?

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It writes its own log. You can access the log from the menu. View | IDE Log


In the log I saw that the SDK uses the internal graphic card “Intel(UHD)” of my i7-10750H for OpenGL. In the NVidia Settings, I forced the SDK to use the NVida Quadro T1000 . Now there are no more crashes.