(SOLVED) Seeking Help with New SDK formatting

Good evening monkeys,

I am hoping that you can help shed some light on one of the options here in the SDK.

What I am hoping to be able to shut off is all of these autopopulated grey text fields.

For example, in image one you just have
mat.setColor and geom.setMaterial

In the latest version of the SDK there are all these little autopopulated fields which I find very confusing to my flow. (xyz, name, mesh, contentMan, name, value, material).

Is there a way to shut this off and what is this even called? I have been trying to search for it but I don’t have good enough knowledge + terminology to find this currently. Hope someone can point me in the right direction here please :melting_face:

#1 the way I prefer
#2 new SDK way

Sure, no problem. Go to Options | Editor | Inline Hints. Choose Java and tick all the boxes off.

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Just managed to blindly stumble across this on google.

Thanks so much Toni :melting_face: