[SOLVED] Sim-eth-es architecture for an attack system

So, to keep it in a single RPC call, I would use the keyboard input to set flags as to what is pressed, and use those flags in the update-method.

…which is just like what the original sim-eth-es code did, no?

Absolutely. Break it and fix it right? Good to know I end up the same place as you did. Of course, with your guidance that is to be expected :stuck_out_tongue:

To round this off, I ended up with having an ES based movement system (no shipdrivers/controldrivers) with no calculations on the clientside, integrated to the Body-publishing system you have set up:) Thanks for the walkthrough @pspeed!

May not have achieved much in the game, but it was fun messing with. Now, onwards to new features.

Glad you made progress.