[solved] Textures in my imported models are not smooth and mipmapped

Hello all,

I have a little problem, which is probably very simple but i can’t think any explaination to it:

  • When i use the town example from tutorials, textures are smooth and mipmapped.
  • When i use one of my model i import from Collada, textures are pixelated and not mipmapped at all: i see aliasing from distance and every pixel if i get very close to it …

How to tell JMe that i want to use smooth textures ? Is it something i have to do during import ? Or is it something i can apply to a geometry node after loading ?

I tried to check “ALWAYS GENERATE” for mipmapping but it didn’t change anything, it always says it has mipmapped textures.

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks !

It’s exactly what i needed !

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