[SOLVED] What is the reason for this shadow on the left side of the lemur container?

this is in the style script:
def gradient = TbtQuadBackgroundComponent.create(
texture( name:“Interface/theme/dark/icons/bordered-gradient.png”,
generateMips:false ),
1, 1, 1, 126, 126,
1f, false );

and the image is:

and the result is :frowning:

how to solve it?

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It looks like you are using Lemur’s glass style

Do you call anything like this in your code?


It is likely you may have put that line into your code without realizing it if you have been referencing code from lemur examples, as they often use the glass style.

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It looks like the stretching is bleeding in some of the border. Maybe try increasing the lower bound to 2,2 and see if that helps.

Edit: yeah, if I open your image in photoshop it has a gray border just inside the green one:


thank you so much, I removed the gray border and it works correctly.