(SOLVED) Wiki Editing Process

Hi all,

I am motivated to help get the Wiki up to date just even with all of the source code examples from jme3test on github and I wanted to see if I did my first edit properly. I read what I could online about editing so what I did was:

Clicked the ‘edit this page’ option on the wiki page and then on github I made my edits and then saved/proposed changes and then I created a pull request.

  • Is this the proper way to do things?
  • Are there any monkey or monkeys that I can message when I make an edit, or should I forum post, or should I just let my pull request sit there?

Thank you!


Glad to hear. Just a small clarification:

Jme3test project is for Test purpose only, this are not proper examples of “how to do” things in JME. Sadly people often start writing game in incorrect convention.

OFC many people refer to this as example project, but it was created in test purpose only.

In fact there are no Example project for JME in reality, there is just wiki/etc that provide partial code examples. But there are some free example JME projects arround github.

If you ask me if PR creation way looks correct, i would say yes, tho it change only 3 lines
(and myself im unsure now if it is proper change in this case
for me this PR change looks like not desired one…)
Also im not sure if you done " npm run buildDocs" for Antora wiki, so i belive it would update more files there.

If there would be more PRs, then it would be good to link up into new issue topic on github.

Anyway currently you usually wait for someone to code check PR to verify change and apply.(so lets be patient and we will see)

Could you anyway give some tip why you changed this 3 lines? Because old versions just seems to be doing something else and you just replaced what it do, but i dont understand the reason.


seems more proper there than


could you explain why?

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I took a look at the PR before, but I was not sure if the change is fine. Like @oxplay2 I think the current one seems more proper than the proposed change because it clears everything in the guiNode (as mentioned in the tips).


Though, I think it is still a good idea to add a note about setDisplayStatView() to the tips section.


ahh yes certainly. so I might have misunderstood wht jme3test was for or perhaps I mispoke because I got this from jme3test Hello World .

This is what I was following (Hello Assets) and I was just copying it to the wiki so it was the same. Those 3 lines were the only differences.

I had read sgold’s post in this thread.

I thought that since sgold linked this latest version that everything in Hello World was updated wiki stuff but just not on the wiki yet. There are all Hello Tutorial’s in the jme3test Hello World and they look updated to me.

Also when I ran the wiki code as it is guiNode.detachAllChildren(); didn’t actually do anything and all the statistics remained on the screen.
setDisplayStatView(false); did remove everything except for FPS. We could hide that as well but I was just following the jme3test HelloAssets file because I thought that was the new proper coding example for the wiki.


Thank you for explain.

Seems like you are right.

guiNode.detachAllChildren(); is about clear existing elements in GUI Node. But since this example did not add GUI elements earlier, it was not required at all. It was probably just to “be sure” there were no elements. (or just to remove StatsView GUI, but idk if it really do)
The TIP earlier said: “Clear existing text in the guiNode by detaching all its children.”
but i do not see it to add any text into guiNode in earlier stage and statsView. So i could guess it was about removing StatsView, but it would be incorrect, since StatsView would still have StatsAppState enabled even if GUI for this would not be there.

In any way, the wiki was 1:1 with package jme3test.helloworld; HelloAssets file, so looks like you did it properly.

:+1: Thanks for explain and looks like its done properly(if test HelloAsset file is really the proper one). Just need wait for PR code check.

If setDisplayStatView(false); is incorrect in jme3test/helloworld/HelloAssets.java
then it would need to be changed in both area. But since wiki refer directly to this file, it should contain same content.

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Yeah no problem! and thanks for the discussion and replies, everyone.

will do!