[SOLVED] Zip, package and distribute jME3 project WITH assets (j3o, textures, etc.)

Hey, I’m trying to follow this tutorial to package and distribute my project.


All is well but when I load the .exe, it loads the settings but then loading it up closes the application and says changes to the file have been made. I feel like the cause behind this is the fact that the program I packaged was not packaged with the assets in my game, only the lib and stuff. Is there a way (of course there is, I just don’t know it!) to package and distribute the project WITH the assets included, also please try to follow the tutorial as close as possible, using the .exe step! :smile:

Is assets.jar in the lib folder? Then the assets are included.
If you have the application jar separate, I suggest you run it from command line and see what the error is. If you get a pop up error message when running the .exe, post the complete message.

Whoops, I forgot to clean and build. It didn’t work when I didn’t clean and build it, but now it works.

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