Some problems with the cardboard VR

Hi There.
I’m now working on JMEcardboard these days.I started with nordfalk’s examples,

the android studio version, and it worked. but when I tried to add some water effect or fog to my project, the program can run without crashing but the screen is full black.Then I tested water effect and fog only on Android without cardboard, it seemed that theres no problem. I thought it was because nordfalk’s program used JME 3.1jar in the beginning.but even when I changed the JME version from 3.1 to 3.4. I got the same blackscreen.
Any ideas or solutions to this problem?

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I have not tried VR on android before, I was reading this repo anyway & found this by chance, if you cannot see objects that are not aligned to the center then they may be culled, culling is so aggressive in GVR so the answer is to try this :slight_smile: :


Also are there any exceptions on the logcat related to GL thread ?