Some questions about Android

Hi guys! I just want to ask some questions about Android, because I have got some plans for it.

1 What physics engine suits for Android with JME3? Will jBullet/Bullet be suitable for such a device if i need some physics with a character and other environment?

2 As far as I undersand only recent devices support OpenGL ES… But what about OpenGL1, since lwjgl supports it now? Will old devices work with JME3 and OpenGL1?

3 Is it possible to develop applications for Android with JMP now, or I should wait some time? If yes, so where i can get any tutorial or information about JME/JMP and Android?

Thank you.

1 - I made quick researches about it a few months ago and bullet appears to be the most promising way to do 3D physics on Android (regarding 2D physics I think you can find some more optimized engines). For now I’m just starting to test it so I don’t know yet if it suits such devices but if bullet dosen’t, none won’t (as far as I know).

2 - For the few I’m aware of, you need OpenGL ES 2 in order to run jME3 and all 3D’s stuff (like VBO’s, etc). OpenGL ES 2 means you need a device that runs Android 2.2+… i.e. relatively recent devices.

3 - Personally I use Eclipse ('cause the Android SDK is that useful) and then I integrate jME3 libs. But I think jMP is able to handle such kind of project.

Regarding tutorials, actually you can run your desktop apps by running these through Android activities. If you take a look at recent topics I posted you’ll see that it retrace (more or less) the way to integrate libs into your Android project and even more, there are some code examples to run in order to get started.

Remember, the app code is the same as for desktop… the only thing you have to handle in add is the way to connect your apps with Android activities (oh and the libs that are not exactly the same).

Android development is not yet supported by the core team. The things you have to do now to create an Android app might be invalid in some time and much better support of the Android app harness is planned.

  1. jbullet works but is kinda slow on these devices, native bullet should be compilable too but I doubt its any faster
  2. What he said
  3. You can install nbandroid in jMP and start developing/hacking now or you can wait until we add the “Android” checkbox that will make any standard app created in jMP an android distribution just like applets and desktop applications now.

    So basically when its done there will be no difference in how you create the application for android so you can just start creating desktop applications and keep them low profile to distribute them on android later.

Guys, thank you for such big answers!!! Now it’s getting more clear about the Android.