Some questions about jme

-I was over here long ago…(I remember I promised a new drawing for th emonkey…sorry :wink: )

  • Can jMe use BSPs? halflife ones Quake3? Even more, can it use lightmaps without the need of BSPs ? (2 uv mapping channels needed) perhaps it does, as in feature list it says it has multitexturing…

  • Does it load OBJ files, md3? I suppose not md3, but in case there’s an user made loader or something. ABout formats, as I proposed in othe rthread about md5 and x, I wont ask more :slight_smile: Not much support for ase in free or cheap tools, but I have Ultimate unwrap, so I can export in ms3d for static objects. Or ase. 3ds has too many problems for being a limited format.

    -Can be done a full game, even being simple, made by a two persons team?

    What would be missing yet in the engine for this?

    -Collisions, lod or other thing for visibility, does the engine provide some help in this? I see there’s a lod system (nice surprise, not often in the c engines I’m used to see)

    I am not a coder(but an artist), but I am convincing a good friend of mine (very good java coder) to use jME to make a game, and if it goes well , even more.

No .obj support yet. I was thinking of working on either VRML, obj or some other game format (like nwn or md5) as they seem to be the most used by artist.

Everything is here you need to make a game though. I mean, if there is something that isn’t, you can just code it in. The source is all there and the forums are quick access to the developers for questions. DarkProphet is working on a game right now with jME.

"Cep21" wrote:
DarkProphet is working on a game right now with jME.

And i'm working on a game too :)

ok, no real need to add many formats. MD5 will suffice, and 3ds and ASE are enough for now for static.Indeed, probably md5 can be used even also for statics too.

Is basicly two files, one for mesh , md5 , and one for animation (can’t remember teh extension) I have been told is not too complex. Every bones format is complex, but…

Great idea of supporting it.

yep, that is what I did expected.My friend will be able then to make a game :slight_smile: It’ll be hard, as always, but he’ll get it :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

"Cep21" wrote:
DarkProphet is working on a game right now with JME.

So am I. I am actually taking a brake now.