Some questions

Let me first say hello to everyone here, i am a new monkey here.

I came to this engine (by searching I needed an engine which should run inside the browser.

So, it was hard decision for me to move Java, since i don't have any experiences with it ! (I am an expert C++ programmer).

Somehow i managed to install and run the engine (examples).

My first question is, how do you run the examples inside the browser ?

Users coming to my website and trying the demos need to install anything manually ? ( I understand that they need to install the Java runtimes).

How about the engine DLLs and game-contents ? Are these deployed automatically on the end-user machine ?

Thx in advance (an be patient with a newbie Java-Monkey :wink:


Ok, i found most of the answers in the Wiki :wink:

So, if i understood it correctly Java-WebStart is the way to go ?

Personally I prefer the way of Java Webstart to deploy applications AND to run applications as a user myself. The demos of JME are available as webstarts at

Do you really want your application to run inside the browser or do you just want an easy way of installation for your users? Webstart is the way to go then.



See if that can get you started with Applets for running in the browser.