Some sound test crash

Hello everybody i’ve run the HelloIntersectionTutorial

and it crash whenever it play a sound.

So i launch the jme test sound suite and here’s the result :

TestSoundGraph is OK

All the other test crash with the same Exception :

        at com.jme.sound.SoundPool.getBuffer(
        at com.jme.sound.scene.SphericalSound.<init>(
        at jmetest.sound.TestSequencedSound.simpleInitGame(
        at jmetest.sound.TestSequencedSound.main(

i'm under linux so EAX is not initialized, do you think there is a link ?
or i've got a configuration pb ?
i've tried to change my soundblaster live drivers but it remains the same pb.

Thanks for help,


I had the same problem with PongRevisited.

I’ve heard that some sound issues will be fixed when we upgrade to .92, other than that, I can’t really think of anything helpful to try. :?

I had the same problem with HelloIntersectionTutorial and PongRevisited !! :?


at com.jme.sound.SoundPool.getBuffer(

You might want to check that the sound files actually exist. We have a bit of a mess with sound data files. You might have to move files around to make things load properly.

Thank you! HelloIntersectionTutorial is very nice!! Goob job! :smiley: