Something's Wrong With the Website

The page looks like the following:

The 404 page is also in Chinese for some reason:

I’m getting exactly the same…

My browser won’t show it to me for security reasons. It kinda fell like a hack xD

Nope, it’s because jme has been sold to Microsoft China.
And it will be renamed to MastelChiefEngine.


We had a deal with a hosting provider to get hosting for free. Some of us felt it was a little shady but were assured it was fine. One day we were told to vacate the system immediately. We were able to move the forum and wiki but I guess getting wordpress working on the new system is more difficult and requires input from folks who are rarely available or something.

At least that’s the story as I understand it. So I don’t know what’s up with the main site and I prefer to remain ignorant on such matters.

Underpaid china hackers hit again.

O well, it was not aim to be really racist, but fair enouf, i’ll scrach that.

I enabled a temporary solution for now but would love to have something a bit more stable in the long run.

I wasn’t serious :joy:

Dammit man xD You had me worry :stuck_out_tongue:

Its always hard to tell whiout emojie :smile: Than again, the squirels should had tip it x)

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Now that you have removed your post, i have to remove mine too or it will seem super racist :chipmunk:

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Best to be nice on forums.

Serious question: What kinda bandwidth do you guys see a month? And from above i assume your using wordpress?

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The forums use Discourse. I am 60% sure that the wiki use Doku and I have little idea about what the main website uses (I thought it looked custom, but, some people are saying that it’s wordpress now).

Yeah, it’s wordpress. Don’t know about bandwidth usage (we aren’t paying so who cares), we get about 30,000 unique sessions per month so you can estimate based on that.

This looks like a bug (the title bar):