Sound playing incorrectly

I used an audio node to play a sound in my game. The sound plays perfectly fine in a menu, but not while the game is running.
Here is what it should sound like/sounds like in menu:
Here is what it sounds like while playing:
The code I am using to play the audio file:

AudioNode node = new AudioNode(Main.instance.getAssetManager(), "Sounds/coin_pickup.wav", AudioData.DataType.Buffer);

I’m not sure why but i can’t play the sounds you posted here.

try now

ok, the new links work.
Could it be that you have reverb enabled? (Might be on by default…) try to setReverbEnabled(false) for the node

same thing happens

It almost sounds like it’s playing it twice slightly off… like bad chorus.

Very strange.

My own experience with AudioNode is to set every property because 9/10 times the default is something dumb.

The odd thing though is that the sound plays fine in a menu, but not in the game. It isn’t positional sound in either, but I’ll try setting everything

I tried with your code, sounds as expected. Surely it’s something you do between menu and game though I can’t imagine what, I tried to mess with it and couldn’t get that :rofl:

Are you possibly sending the wrong values to the AudioListener object, or maybe using a reference to an incorrect camera once the menus close and the game starts?

    // first-person: keep the audio listener moving with the camera

I had a similar problem as you in the past, but it happened because I tried to set the AudioListener to use the location and rotation of the player’s character model rather than the camera, and it sounded entirely distorted.