Sound weaker other side of wall

I was just wondering if there is some simple way to make walls of the room to affect the sounds. I mean like if a player is other side of the wall, the sounds in the room would sound weaker. Is there something about such functionality in OpenAL?

Not built in, because the sound system only knows relative location and nothing about your actual geometry. I could see how you could make a system for that, because you know where the sound is originating from you should be able to do a line of sight test or similar and adjust the sound properties accordingly.

Ok, line of sight. But sound moves in every direction. I think this thing would just bee to complicated to do for me.

You could place an invisible cube at the source's position, then do a collision check from the listener's position in the direction of the source.  If something were in the way, then reduce the source's volume by some percentage, otherwise not.

That's a good idea, but I think I'll use sphere :). Or maybe just cast a ray from listener to sound source?

Casting a ray and checking for collision with the source object is what I meant.  I mentioned cube since it is a simpler geometry than a sphere or other model, but obviously the principle would be the same regardless of what geometry you were to use.