Sounds, Chorus and Flanger filters

Hello Everyone,

I’ve started adding sounds to my game now, and I’ve come into a situation were I am finding I need chorus and flanger filters. When I start investigating if this is possible with OpenAL, I found some parameters in one of the associated code files that is commented out regarding chorus and flanger, but it doesn’t look like we have those thing setup at the moment/yet.

Has anyone had any luck using those? I am thinking I should try to write some filters that would allow me to use that. Anyone have thoughts?


Hey @Mithrin,

this should be possible with the AL library through filters but I also haven’t created some on my own.

If you don’t want to create the filters yourself either, then you could use some third-party software which makes it easy to you creating those. Then you just export them to your game.

Or do you want the filters dynamically to be changed?

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jmonkey specifically has some code preventing any filter that isn’t a lowpass filter from functioning. So at the minimim I need to edit the engine.

My usecase is that I have alot of explosions (probably around 6-10) sounds landing ontop of each other, I am randomly repitching them but it is not enough. I need to dynamically apply a flanger/chorus filter to them. My other option is to create 6-10 versions of the same sound with the filter applied by 3rd party software and randomly choose between them. Which is what I will do if I can’t make this work.

I just feel apprehensive editing the engine without any guidance.