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Being new to JME and having had a look at documentation and videos, I still am unsure as of where I would get models from.
Is there a library to choose from for a start?
What other tools can be used to create models?
If I choose to use Blender, what format should that one emit so I can use it in JME?

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We usually create our models from scratch. Blender is the official modeller tool and its files (.blender) can be converted to JME format through the SDK.

I was told that there are some online models repositories, but I personally never looked for them, thus I can’t confirm nor give you a website direction.

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Hello. Very often I use this:
It is not only about models, but you can find handy textures, even sounds etc.
Yes, you need sometimes to do some actions to adapt models but it is easy in most cases.


Thanks for the quick info.

So there are some repositories which are good enough for a quick start. And in the long run I should learn about Blender as well. Will be a newbie there, too…

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if you want some models just for testing and learning jme you may use jme resources. there are some ready j3o models you can use for test :

and some websites for downloading free 3d models :

about the last one not sure about license (so it is better to check if you want for commercial purpose)
the firs one is free even for commercial purpose.

you also may take look at these tutorials :

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