Source for the core version of NavMeshGenerator

Hey everyone,

I am currently creating an example project on how to dynamically generate navmesh’s since its a common problem on the forums with no complete solutions that I can find

I pretty much finished it but I wanted to compare it against the core version of navmesh generation and the core version is generating a better navmesh with identical parameters

I copied my version of the NavMeshGenerator from the MonkeyZone project fixed the errors and adjusted the variables to make it work

Based on the comparison between the two I am guessing someone has fixed or optimized an internal version of this class I was hoping to know where to either refer to it or copy it please I’ve had a look through the namespaces but I couldn’t locate it yet.

I’ve included a screenshot of the two meshes the left is generated from the UI the right is generated on the fly

Thanks for any help :wink:

I found the code at

It executes in a runnable which is good and has a better version of combining geometries than what I was using which was the default GeometryBatchFactory.gatherGeoms(roomRoot, geoms); function

I can now generate identical navmeshes

Can someone close this topic please :slight_smile:

@normen pointed me in the direction of the latest navmesh-gen as the source I found was for an older forked version

The conversation is here

The latest code for navmesh gen was here

I posted this in the other forum topic but perhaps this one is more suitable

I have created an example project that generates dynamic navmeshes It can add new objects to the scene It can then regenerate the navmesh and those new objects are included in the new navmesh

The navmeshes generated are identical to the meshes generated within the UI except that they can include dynamically added objects

It allows Jaime to navigate to a clicked position anywhere on the terrain model
It includes physics

Does anyone know where I should put this?