this is my first game with jmonkeyEngine,
i love the space genre and like some games out there,
but currently all games that exists dont do the things the way i would like them.
So heres my try to do it “right”.

Whats done:
-basic behaviour of shooting,
-dump AI for ships (battle)
-dump AI for strategic decisions(map screen)
-many things can be xml-Edited
-ships can be modelled and described by xml
-some music,sounds

whats missing,
-GUI is… laggy (NIFTY?!)
-missing extended screens (Shipdesign, Techtree&developement, etc…)
-Money as limiting factor needed
-limiting ships in battle (performance reasons, only up to 15 per side)
-textures, additional factions (already designed but not modeled)
-replace placeholders (Planet models, Suns, ballistics&lasers)

sry, imagequality is from camera…

you can try the current developementstage, it launches from MyGame.jar

you should attach a ScreenshotAppState to your app for this

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tnx Pesegato, i used this info to make better screenshots :eyeglasses:
made some grafics!!! but i have a 10kbit upload… wont be coming soon playable…

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i came to a point where efforts to improve the game are too large for me and my spare time.
If someones wants the sources i can give them to them…