Sphere primitive is "laying on its side"?

I am now doing some algorithms which involve mutating sphere geometry. To my surprise I find that jME Sphere is laying on it’s side, with poles facnig z+ and z- instead of y+ and y-. This feels rather strange, because in most places where you can create a sphere primitive, it has its poles aligned with the Y axis…

Is there any way to get that sort of sphere with jME without chaning the generating algorithm?

What I need is that the sphere vertices would have the exact coordinates of the case when the poles are at the bottom and top. Currently their coordinates require a turn-around-the-center-point-by-90-degrees change to align like that…

I’m not quite understanding your last paragraph, but assuming the mesh itself is correct for your needs despite being “on its side”, just call something like

sphereGeometry.rotate(FastMath.Half_PI, 0.0F, 0.0F);

That’s exactly the problem that I describe in the last paragraph. Despite that I turn the Geometry, the vertex coordinates of the Mesh will remain the same. I have to re-calculate them for the whole sphere as the second iteration, after it was generated. Or I could write a custom generator… Was wondering for a shortcut though, and for the reason on why is it currently so.

Mhhh you’re right.
Maybe you can edit the generation code to flip axis.
You could also make your sphere in blender and import it

I am not sure if I understood your problem.
My Jm3 spheres when I use it are allined correctly in Y axix, so are you sure you didnt rotate it somehow ? Also, why do you need to change the meshes ? Two things :
I needed once an diferent type of poles in thoses spheres, so it was much more easy to do make this in blender and export into the Jm3, if this is the case maybe it fix your problem ?
Also, if you want to do special effects in the sphere meshes, there is one builtin functionality in Jm3 to do this, I never used, but there is morph and much more effects in the effects wiki, take a look.

As an option maybe… else you break everyone who expects it the current way.

Yeah I meant in his own extended class or something like that.