SpiderMonkey 0.9 Alpha 2

With the addition of two new features, here's 0.9 Alpha 2 for you to use (or abuse). The two added features are RMI (Thanks @Momoko_Fan !) and streaming. Also a lot of bugs have been fixed in this release.

Get the JAR over at:

Update: SpiderMonkey is now a part of the jME3 core. If you have the latest jME3 sources, you have the latest SpiderMonkey. Also see the SpiderMonkey documentation.

Please bring in the bugs! Really need em right now since we're nearing a beta release. Please note that no more features will be added until stable. After that, I have some nice features in store, such as

  • Custom encryption

  • SSL

  • Chat

  • Voice chat

  • Statistics

  • Probably some kind of statistic/management tool

  • And other stuff I won't tell you about yet..

Outstanding work mate, it’s really full steam ahead :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve got some tips & tools for people who’d like to help you test but don’t quite know how?

erlend_sh said:
Outstanding work mate, it's really full steam ahead :)

Maybe you've got some tips & tools for people who'd like to help you test but don't quite know how?

Well, of course!
People can help by nuking the SpiderMonkey server and client, and see if any problem arises. Also features I especially want feedback on is the Server/Client split. The team is thinking we should probably abstract Server and Client - I'm really wondering what you, as users, think. Thanks!