Splines from 3dsmax

Hya people,

For realizing a fast workflow between 3dsmax and jme i have to comeup with something to get the animation paths(splines) from 3dsmax into jme.

I use 3ds format for exporting/importing my model.

When i export a 3ds file with a spline object from 3dsmax. and then reimport the file into 3dsmax i get a mesh object. so my spline is gone but instead ithere is a mesh object. this mesh object has got all sorta vertex points.

So i thought this can be used in jme.

load model, get spline object, getvertex points, make a list of them, create a curve between when, animate object (in my case the camera) allong curveā€¦

But when i debug my program i can use getChild("Line01"). this will return a node.

this node is sorta weird cause it has no childern, getvertexcount is zero, ect. so i'm guessing the jmeimporter does not create a mesh object (line 3dsmax does)

Perhaps any1 has come allong this also and for a workaround/sollution ??

Or any1 who knows something for using splines in max <> JME animation paths

thanks in advance!

You can export a spline into md5camera using this script:


Then read it in jME into a BezierCurve or CatmullRomCurve.