Split a panel or Label


i m actually trying to make something like, a window or a panel, which should have tabs, so when any of the tab pressed, the focus shifts on the tab, and the content under that tab is displayed, i dont knw if i’m making sense or not, but in basic i want to make a panel or windows which wil have tabs, so i can switch in between the tabs in the same panel or window using Nifty Gui

can any1 put some light?

i dont knw whether it can b done in panel or windows or what?

need some advice and some guideline, if any1 can provide :slight_smile:

@ractoc is doing a tab control for nifty at the moment, so theres no specific feature like this at the moment. What you can do is have a row of buttons that switch to another screen, simulating the behavior of tabs.

0oh, thts like a newz, thanks brotha! :slight_smile:

let me just confirm once again, that what i meant to ask was, a window or a panel divided into 2, so that it can switched like tabs, (we use tabs in firefox or chrome, in that sense of tabs! :))

sorry confirming, but may be i’m not good at explaining it, so thought of jst confirming! :slight_smile:

but indeed can u put an example for me? like what you said a lined up buttons, that switch screens.

cause im a little new to this so, an example of code wil help me understand it better and imply it!

thanks mate! :wink:

Example code for buttons and switching screens etc is in the wiki.

0ohh thats cool, thank you, yea i recollect, i found it on wiki! :slight_smile:

thanks once again bro!

Hey there,

I’m indeed working on a tab control for nifty. The first development version is done and working. Next up is ato move everything into the nifty default controls to make it availlable to the rest of you guys. If I put a little more effort into that then I have been doing the past few days I should have it ready early next week.

If you need it earlier, send me a PM and I can send you my current development code.


thats like a news!

ill send u PM!