Splitting Max Scene in more mashes to manage waypoints

Hi Guys,

i am a game programming beginner,

i wish to create a Bot , a simple animation that goes around my level

in a random manner, i want to set waypoints but doing this by code is

such a pain in the ass to i would like to attach them to points in the level,

i wish to know if splitting 3dstudio max scene in multiple meshes would help me.

Please Answer

Why not just set the waypoints as nodes in jMP?

Excuse me Normen,

actually my level is divided in only two meshes , so

suppose i would create 1 node(waypoint) where could i attach it ?

But more on this, waypoint is taking a vector as parameter not a node.

Please explain me better

Open the model in the scene composer, right-click where you want a spawn point. Select “Node” and press “Add at cursor”, rename the node to e.g. “Spawn1”. Save.

Then in the app, do something like this:


Node model = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/MyLevel.j3o”);

Spatial spawnPoint = model.getChild(“Spawn1”);



Ok Normen ,

thank you very much ,

i already tried to do this but when i right clicked i expected something to hilight so

i thought i was not going the right way,

i will go this way.

You have to right-click a geometry so some collision can be detected for the location, you will see the cursor moving to that location then.