I’ve been working really hard on my jmonkey based game and I wanted to share some of what i’ve been able to do. The game is a side scrolling adventure building game.


Oh man, you could easily get alpha funding for this already. Job well done.

How does it distinguish itself from Terraria? Just curious because that’s immediately the game that came to mind after seeing this.

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Looks real pretty. :slight_smile:

yeh super cool :slight_smile:
p.s. his blog is http://epagagames.com/ and @erlend_sh im bit more of a hax0r so i know hes ip :smiley:

The biggest difference from Terraria really comes down to the combat and skill system. For example, I have a number of on use items (which basically function as utility skills) that let you do things like charge forward faster. Each of those skills can then be customized in different tiers of the game to have additional effects so you can really customize how they work. With charge you can customize it to stun the first enemy in your path to get some free melee damage in or you could have it stun for less time but hit all the enemies in your path. All the weapons have secondary attacks as well that all have their uses. A bow for example can be fired normally but the secondary attack would infuse it with the characters mana allowing it to do more damage. I really like the classless character model for games like this so I’m trying to extend what has been done before and offer my own take on it.

I have some other ideas, but I haven’t done enough work on them yet to know if they will really pan out or not. I’m getting pretty close to what I would consider an Alpha build so i’m hoping I can get some useful feedback from play testing.

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It’s pretty nice! I like it.

But there’s something that annoys me. Problem is, I can’t put my finger on it. It sort of looks too clean. Mostly in the first screenie. I don’t know if the lighting or the (wall) texture, but it looks too clean. I don’t know how to explain it. :confused:

Still, great result! :smiley:

<cite>@madjack said:</cite> But there's something that annoys me. Problem is, I can't put my finger on it. It sort of looks too clean. Mostly in the first screenie. I don't know if the lighting or the (wall) texture, but it looks too clean. I don't know how to explain it. :/

I know what you mean. I’ve gone through a pretty big progression as far as art style goes and originally I designed this to be much closer to the character but it didn’t feel right. A lot of the terrain textures were designed to work at that closer distance so a lot of the detail is lost when you zoom out and it doesn’t translate well. Another task I have in my backlog is to vary the look so its not uniform as well as allow certain types of blocks spill into adjacent blocks. So for example dirt would spill over into the stone so it appears much more natural. Since this doesn’t affect gameplay as much it is pretty far back in my backlog. It is something on my mind though. Originally, I was going to use only solid color blocks instead of something that was textured. It’s changed a bit since then :slight_smile:

Bump! Yo @glh3586 you’re still working on this thing right? :smiley:

Did you put it on IndieDB yet? I wanna add this to our showcase directory.

Yup! I am most definitely still working on it. I’m actually getting ready to do that sometime in the next week. I just need to finish getting the marketing material ready. I’ll update this thread when I push all of that live for you.


The project was accepted on IndieDB last night. Here is the link.


I’ve been pretty busy working on this game and have been updating every few weeks on Indie DB. I thought I would post a few of the screenshots from the current version of the game.

A Picture from one of the dungeons in the game:

New Block Shapes:

A spell beam effect:

A shield spell effect:


Wow, this looks amazing.
When I see games of this quality done in jME I get very very excited.
Keep it up.

Wow, its been awhile since I updated this thread. According to the page, the last time I updated it was 903 days ago. That gives you an idea how long I’ve been working on Spoxel. Well i’ve certainly learned a lot and my development skills have, I would like to think, vastly improved during that time.

Spoxel’s steam store page is finally live! You can check it out Here. Also, we are going to kick off beta testing soon so if you are interested in grabbing a steam key to give some feedback or to check it out head over to our discord Here and request a key in the beta channel. We are going to kick off the beta once I can finish getting the OSX and Linux builds up and working on steam.

We still have a long way to go, but it feels like we are getting close now :smiley: