Spring of Nations

Hello monkeys, :slight_smile:

I’m proud to finally present you a first preview of my upcoming game „Spring of Nations“.

The gameplay itself is comparable to common real-time strategy games („Age of Empires“ etc.) - There are 4 resource types (food, wood, gold and mana) which can be collected and afterwards be spent to build towers, houses or to produce new units. The last resource, mana, is the game-decisive factor - Although you can produce units and buildings without it, there are a few crazy monsters and buildings which cost mana. (And those are damn powerful :D)

Food, wood and gold appear quite often in the game’s world (animals & fields, trees, goldmines) - But mana resources (shrines, where the units can „pray“ to produce mana) are located in a few defined locations on the map. The goal is to build up a nice startup economy along with some units to gain control over the few mana shrines and finally rush your enemy with the mythic units.

Although the beginning of the development was really fun (Especially using JMonkey as engine, great job guys :)), I decided to only publish a first preview of the game, when it reaches a playable „level“ (Because it took a really long time to work out the game structure and keep the code clean & full customizable (Over 250 classes, yeah^^)) - At the moment, the server-client connection (things like choice of civilization, player name and so on) works, you can produce units, build buildings, work off the resources, writing funny things in the chat (:P), buy developments in special buildings in order to strengthen your units or e.g. make them collect wood faster, select a few units, walk around with them, attack enemies, chase them, destroy their base building and win the game. All this works from now on and together with a nice GUI I’m really happy with the current development state.

But… as always I’m talking way too much. :smiley: Time to present the trailer:


I hope, you like this first insight - And thanks again for the quick help in the forums, without you guys I would be still wondering how to set up my models^^

Stay tuned,
destro :)

Looks good! The toons made me smile. :smiley: lol

Looks good man, keep up with the good work :slight_smile:

Strategy RTS games owns, they are my favorite type of games!

Looks promising :slight_smile:

Looking good, great job :slight_smile:

the little guys are so cute, wonderful artstyle :slight_smile: Looks good.

Looks great!

Wow haha, I really like the style. Bring it on!

This looks awesome! Nice work! Anxious to give it go.

Somehow your guys remind me of the things from Dispicable Me. I like that idea. :slight_smile:

Hi hii, I love the presentation. That cow got a serious beat down!

Have you got a website for this project as well?

Thank you all very much for your kind answers, this is a really great motivation. :slight_smile:

Have you got a website for this project as well?

Not yet, but it will be made when the first release is finished.

I already own a webspace (It's always good to know a person, who owns servers professionally and shares them for free with his friends :D) and finished a little auto-updater, which is adding (or replacing old ones with) new files.

It's not big, but it works fine. :)

Hey guys, :slight_smile:

it’s been a long time since the last news about my game “Spring of Nations” - But after a lot of programming, modeling and general tweaking, the second trailer is finished. It shows the first playable version which was already tested over the internet - A big thanks to pre-alpha-tester Ether, although he won all our games^^

New buildings, new units and a completely new snow map were inserted to the game and are waiting to be discovered. Moreover, the networking part of the code was restructured and optimized - The average ping went from 4s to 80-100ms (Messages are now summarized and compressed). The launcher is working perfectly, including an auto-update-function, a login-system (a website for registering and news already exists, but is not yet published :P), game hosting/connecting, settings (resolution, fullscreen, anti-aliasing, vsync, …) and more.


To cut a long story short... I hope, you guys enjoy the trailer as much as I did creating it. :)

See you,

Your game looks AWSOME dude! Congratulations!

Looks really great man, nice little story prelude you’ve got there. I was thrilled to see that the “tree falling” wasn’t just a stock animation :stuck_out_tongue: Music should have been a bit more dramatic once the “Red Team” is introduced and starts preparing for an attack though.

@erlend_sh said:
Looks really great man, nice little story prelude you've got there. I was thrilled to see that the "tree falling" wasn't just a stock animation :P Music should have been a bit more dramatic once the "Red Team" is introduced and starts preparing for an attack though.

But the music is very good, from what movie is it? ;)

Great job @destroflyer! Seems like you have some fun with you AI and game mechanics already, looks solid :D