Stable updates to SDK beta - official thread

The first stable update for the SDK is available, adding all fixes and improvements that have been made since release.


Aaand the second update is being built in this moment :slight_smile:


After the third stable push, which was kind of a “feature release”, the fourth stable update is “just” a fixes release. Some terrain shader and networking things were fixed, this update also includes lwjgl 2.8.2, which fixes the “crash on application exit” problems. The update is being built in this moment :slight_smile:


A fifth update is building right now, adding the new VideoRecorderAppState that allows screen-recording your apps. We thought this might be a nice addition for all our beta contestants :slight_smile: Usage is extremely easy.


Update #7 is coming:

  • Native bullet for Android
  • Automatic use of native bullet for Android in SDK projects
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in SDK and Engine

Update #6 is on the way:

  • Improve desktop deployment
  • Fix exe deployment on OSX Lion
  • Improve applet deployment
  • Improve NiftyGUI editor
  • Add Swing to Nifty converter
  • Update SDK help

Update #8 is on the way, bringing the following changes:


  • TerrainGrid improvements and changes
  • Deprecate HeightMapLoader in favor of TerrainTileLoader
  • Remove terrain AWT dependencies (changes in some constructors)
  • Separate jMonkeyEngine3.jar into multiple files
  • SaveGame now uses a folder and can store larger files
  • Many improvements to blender importer
  • Fix sharing vertex buffers between meshes
  • Improvements to native bullet
  • 32bit linux binary for bullet
  • Small improvements to cinematics
  • Updated NiftyGUI library
  • Full UI scaling in NiftyGUI
  • Speed improvements in NiftyGUI
  • Android input improvements
  • Spidermonkey networking improvements
  • Add TextureAtlas class
  • JavaDoc additions

  • Fix leaking asset memory in SDK
  • Improve filter support in SDK
  • Updated manual
  • “Roughen” tool and some fixes for Terrain Editor
  • Improvements in NiftyGUI editor
  • Display Android device log in SDK



Update #9 has been pushed to fix issues with android and add some small terrain improvements.

Update #10 is rolling :smiley:

r9377 - beta #10


  • Blender Importer improvements
  • Add 64bit windows bullet native
  • Fix some collision issues in native bullet
  • Fix BatchNode and GeometryBatchFactory to batch materials that are the same
  • BatchNode performance improvements
  • FXAA GLSL 1 fix
  • Separate parts of SimpleApplication to AppStates
  • Various Android fixes (audio, assets, compatibility)
  • Separate networking and effects into own jar
  • Various fixes and improvements

  • Improve android deployment error handling
  • Fix AssetLink node deleting
  • Fixes to NavMesh generator
  • Updated Palette with new examples and code droplets
  • Improved Terrain Editor wizard
  • Rotate Tool in SceneComposer
  • Javadoc improvements
  • Various fixes and improvements

Update #11 is coming, mainly fixing some smaller issues that surfaced after #10 was pushed and updating the SDK manual.

r9393 - beta #11


  • Fixes to blender uv importing
  • Fix loading old models imported from blender
  • Fix parallax mapping
  • Improve particles
  • Improve TGA loader
  • TerrainGrid API improvements
  • Fix native bullet collision between linked bodies
  • Javadoc fixes
  • System.out.printlns removed

  • Update SDK manual from wiki
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RC2 Has been released, check out the blog post here:

Stable updates to RC2 including:


  • Fix in project template (junit import)
  • Fix for Model Import Tool model copying/project selection
  • MaterialEditor allows selecting j3md files from project libraries
  • Fix for BoxEmitterShape editor

  • Fix in classpath scanning, Custom Control recognition