StandardGame and Sound

I was wondering if there was any good reason StandardGame includes sound.  For my own system, not only does it cause issues (crashing due to OpenAL problems…might've been an issue on my system at the time), but it's something I don't want to use, as I use - unless I'm confused about things here.  I had also heard that was the hip new package to use, so…yeah.

I've been using a version of StandardGame with the sound code removed for a while, and finally decided to post about it.  I think it's a bit easier, as well as affords the user more control, to just have the user make their own audio GameState, but I could very well be wrong.


That's actually been mentioned a few times, but I haven't gotten around to doing anything about it.

Does anyone actually utilize the sound features built into StandardGame that would complain about it being removed?

Do you mean removing com.jmex.sound itself or is there some linkage to it or is there some special sound code in standard game that I somehow ignored until now? :slight_smile:

I currently use

hehe, just referring to removing the references to it in StandardGame. :slight_smile:

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I would say… GO FOR IT FROG!

I have been gotten by that dependency enough times already to justify its exclusion, you can always manually add it in a per-application basis if needed. 

aokjoey said:

I currently use  com.jmex.sound because my sound needs are simple (no 3d needed). If I could utilize that way I'd move over to it.

Could you elaborate?  What are you trying to do that you are unable to do in

I'm actually trying to get away with the simplest sound implementation possible. I actually looked at "audio" first, but the examples were all spatially-oriented stuff. I don't need that at all.

With "SoundSystem" I just have to load a sound file, create and store a sound id and use that when I call play, pause, stop, etc. I don't have to set up all that extra stuff.

If I can do the sound in a similar manner as SoundSystem (without the tracks and paraphernalia), I'd gladly give it a whack.

Here is the way I did it: