StandardGame--Move CameraNode with MouseLook!

I tried, but nothing seems to work.

I have a CameraNode and I want it to move it with the mouse(mouselook)

But I don't want any keyinputs, because I add later my own keyinputs.

How can I rotate my CameraNode with my mouse :cry:

Hope somebody can help!


I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Is it "how can I disable the keyboard controls in ThirdPersonController"?

If so, look at the code in ThirdPersonController.updateKeyBindings() and ThirdPersonController.updateProperties().

You should be able to un-set the default keybindings there.

Ok, thanks.

I solved the problem on my own, but good to know where I can disable the keybindings.

can you pls post hints to your solution here? i have the same problem. thx

My solution is complex so the code doesn't give you any beneffit

The problem is the update() which you find in another super class.

Your class catches the triggering and have to tell the super class to do update().

update() calls the methods of the handler class and the handler moves your object.

The codes in the examples work fine, the problem is to modify and call the update()

So your best shot is finding the update() method and use System.out.println("Yes! update works")