Star Citizen: Procedural Planets v2

I hope you guys don’t miss it. Everything is in scale, unlike No Mans Sky, from space station to ground fight. It’s an absolute charm to watch it!


Playing a game like this using VR must be amazing!

You just should hope that will be real. I saw a stream some weeks ago. And currently this game become boring after some hours of gameplay.

Single player, yes. MP - I don’t think so.

Gamer Nexus just put up this video of Star Citizens editor tools for planets. Got to say it is pretty cool.

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That’s amazing.

Are they using any clever tricks to stream large chunks of data?

From what I understand they cannot keep everything in memory at once for a single planet they are that darn big. That said they re wrote the Cryengine terrain system from Scratch to do some of this stuff.

My best guess is that they are using a “base seed” and then having an artist customize everything about the planet. This is for everything that I have seen and heard about the technology powering Star Citizen.

As for terrain streaming I am unsure. I would say they are using CDLOD or CLOD with some form of Geometry clip maps and allot of very good looking shaders and game assets. CDLOD and CLOD terrain is literally made for this kind of stuff aka Large expansive terrains.


Is it a game? I got bored after 3 mins. It looks amazing, but for example the door to the car thing. Unnecessarily long opening animations - yeah it looks cool but after seeing it 50 times I just want the door to hurry up and open so I can pick up object A and take it to person B quicker. Same with sitting down, and leaving the main ship.

As I was typing this that fight bit happened. Forced upon you, scripted yet boring sequence. Not a fan! I am like this with ever game btw.

EDIT: except in this case you go to point A which then moves point A to somewhere further away. zzzzzzzzzzz

They were going to show off Squadron 42 which is missing from the presentation. Last minute hic-ups prevented that from happening. Yeah it can be boring at times but they were showcasing the new features and tech they managed to put into the engine. That said - They should show off Squadron 42 at the November stream event.

Anyway - I do like where the game is going. They have YET to get the major professions into the game but they should not be far off. :slight_smile: