Starman and the Three Little Witches

The following link

One by Four by Nine: Starman and the Three Little Witches

will take you to a post regarding the current state of affairs in my jME work.  (Please note that I am not aiming for perfection right now, but functionality and the multitude of pieces that are required to make a full (in this case, rpg) game.  That said, your comments are most certainly welcome!)

Please enjoy (either by looking on in awe or shaking your head and smiling at how goofy it all is ; - )

:slight_smile: nice

Excellent. I think a focus on getting to a playable state is the right way to go. It's all to easy to fall somewhere in between a technology demo and a game.  Getting fancy stuff on screen is easy (cos jME does it :smiley: ) but getting all the pieces to work together as a convincing gameis always a ton more work than you expected.

Do you use "object walk" for your project? or how else do you manage jumping on the npc's  , it's a cool feature  :smiley: .

Good job. I agree with Alric and yourself… now that you have a working environment you can focus on the details step by step, but this is definitely the way to go.

Best wishes with it!

emanuel2 said:

Do you use "object walk" for your project? or how else do you manage jumping on the npc's  , it's a cool feature  :D .

Well... back in the lab... there are many theories about what causes that effect ; - )

The foremost running theory says that it's all about the player's last location. 

To make this theory into law,  a "top-hat" would have to be built out onto the model so that a determination of "stomp-point" would not conflict with the model's regular stop boundaries.  And in this there is joy...

And then it's all hell or highwater from there, I tell you ; - )

oh I think I understand what the problem is, it is because of the collision detection/avoidance , right?

I had the problem if I jump on objects with collision avoidance, I got stuck(only jumping helps out)

,I solved the problem in that way: for collision avoidance I used seperate boxes+bounding boxes (not the bounding boxes), which have less high than the orginal bounding boxes of the object, so now I can jump onto a Box and walk on it normal

Eyep… the world of invisible splendors!