Starship Destroyer Android Game

Hi folks,
I finally decided to release my second android game to the Google Play Store.
It is a space ship shooter type game where you control a space ship and then battle other spaceships.
It is a time based game where the player has only a minute or so (90 seconds) to kill/destroy as many other space ships.
The player with the highest number of kills win the game/level.
One of the main ideas of this game was to check my turn around time in developing a next android game and honestly it was not bad at all.
The game was basically finished in 10 days from start to finish including LAN game play on a PC.
The next major release of this game will include online BATTLES against friends or family. WATCH THIS SPACE.

For now you can check out my video at [video][/video]

or you can download the game on the Google Play Store at

Thank you to every one in the jME developer team.
Iā€™m out!


I like it! Super!


Like always, there is still lots to add and do regarding development of this game, but for now I think
it was fine to release.

Good job! Congrats.

Turnaround time is amazing! Nice job!

Thanks guys.
I also wrote a small little gui lib specifically for android touch devices.
It is simple but usable and I can now use that easily in upcoming games I plan to release.

Especially impressed with the turn-around time. Incredible!

So are you aiming to make some revenue with this game or is it just for practice? If the latter, could you consider open sourcing this? We could really use some simple Android examples.

Well yeah, I am trying to make revenue, but I will definitely share some of the tips and tricks of the trade.
I might as well start a new project and use that as demo/example for those who wish to start android development.
Here is a new video of the game which is basically the same but with SOUND:


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@ndebruyn the only thing I see right now that may be a bit misleading is that the health bar seems to get larger as you take damage instead of smaller. Other than that, this looks like it has a lot of potential! Very well done, and I love the theme and GUI.

Cool thanks. I will have a look.